Ephraim Business Council

Mission Statement

The Ephraim Business Council works to sustain a healthy business climate and strengthen, support and market Ephraim as a year-round visitor destination.

Ephraim Business Council Board of Directors

President: Sarah Martin, Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor

Vice-President: Brad Russell, Arbor Cottage

Secretary: Diane Taillon, Arbor Crowne Properties & Hillside Waterfront Hotel

Ephraim Business Council Board Members

Missy LeBelle, High Point Inn

Carly Mulliken, The Lodgings at Pioneer Lane

Cody Schreck, Ephraim Historical Foundation

Ephraim Business Council Tourism Administrator

Lane Methner
Email: ta@ephraim-doorcounty.com
Phone: 920-421-2979

Ephraim Business Council Marketing & Events Coordinator

Kelsey Stone
Email: marketing@ephraim-doorcounty.com
Phone: 920-421-4688

Ephraim Visitor Information Center

Email: vacation@ephraim-doorcounty.com
Phone: 920-854-4989