Ephraim Vintage Festival, LLC

September 8-11, 2016 in historic Ephraim. The Ephraim Hill Climb and Concours is unique among North American classic automobile concours, as this event also includes the Kurt Bakkelop (Norwegian for Short Hill Climb). This beautiful and challenging course will wind its way through the picturesque village streets and traverse the steep Niagara Escarpment left by the glaciers.  www.ephraimhillclimb.com

FRIDAY, September 9th

A welcoming party is planned for Friday, and Registration and Technical Inspection will be held at the Old Village Hall, which will serve as event headquarters throughout the weekend. Scenic boat rides and horse drawn carriage rides will be available all weekend within walking distance from the Village Hall.

SATURDAY, September 10th

Saturday savors the flavors of Door County with trollies leaving the Village Hall escorting groups of travelers to multiple art galleries, stops at bayside cafes, unique Door County boutiques, a delightful spa, and to a world renowned cooking school. The Kort Bakkelop, (Hill Climb) runs will begin about 11:00am and continue to about 3:00pm. The Dinner Dance will commence at 6:30pm overlooking the magnificent Eagle Harbor Bay.  Cocktail Attire is required, and 1946 apparel is wonderfully accepted to attend this event.  Dinner winds down with desserts and dancing with music delivered on stage by a traditional swing band.

SUNDAY, September 11th

The Elegance at Ephraim Sunday Concours d’Elegance, will find the classic automobiles positioned along the stunning Eagle Harbor Bay, starting at 11:00am.


Ephraim, WI 54211

Ephraim Hill Climb