Trixie’s Mission

The philosophy behind the Trixie’s menu is responsibility. We appreciate the efforts of growers who have a commitment to sustainability and we honor their efforts by being thoughtful and knowledgeable in our service. We believe that the concern people have for the foods they eat should transfer to the wine, coffee and tea that they drink.

Trixie’s Wine

Featured winemakers use low intervention, traditional, sustainable, organic and biodynamic methods. We’ve selected these wines because we believe they capture the essence of the areas of the world where they are grown. Female winemakers are also a feature of the menu in an effort to promote a growing female presence in the industry. A great amount of effort went into the production and the purity of these wines. We believe that as the last in the line of delivery, it is our duty to serve these wines with knowledge and care.

Trixie’s Food

Chef Matt Chambas and Erin Murphy are the creators of the menu at Trixie’s. Produce, dairy and meats are sourced locally whenever possible. Everything at Trixie’s is created from scratch and in-house. Seasonality of ingredients are always taken into account by Trixie’s Chefs and many of the local ingredients used are foraged by them as well.


Trixie is Sarah’s Great Grandmother’s nickname (and hers too).